Access Professional 2021 (2 PCs)

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Access Professional 2021 (2 PCs)


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Purchase Access 2021 today to take advantage of the new database formats and features that have been retired.

  • For 2 PC
  • Easily create database apps
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and 11
  • All languages included

You will receive a download link and a license key shortly after your purchase, allowing you to activate your software in minutes.


Take advantage of the new Access 2021 software to create full database applications at a low cost.

As a result of the new Access 2021, you can quickly create and share databases, as well as get information to help you organize and structure your data. It is simple to store, manage, and value large volumes of data. Reports and queries deliver your data in the format you specify, ensuring that your application looks consistent and readable. You keep the features you’re familiar to when you upgrade from Access 2019 to Access 2021. Like other databases, the Microsoft Access 2021 database contains important data and establishes associations between datasets. Tables, queries, forms, and reports are all examples of table kinds.

Product Details

On purchasing this product you will get 1 Microsoft Access 2021 License key for 1 user

  • Manufacturer: Microsoft
  • Licensing Type: Retail
  • Devices Supported: 1 Device
  • Users Supported: 1 User
  • Licensing Term : Lifetime / 1 Time
  • Language: All Languages
  • Platform Supported: Windows
  • Delivery Method: Digital Instant Delivery


Microsoft Access 2019 Benefits and Features

Access is an easy-to-use tool for creating business apps or programs, using templates or from scratch. With its rich, vast, and intuitive design tools, Access 2019 can help you create appealing and highly functional applications efficiently.

No abilities required

Microsoft Access 2019 allows you to develop your mobile applications using databases. Note that with Access 2019 you will easily master this database software without the need for specific knowledge. With many comprehensive templates available in Office Access 2019 you will use easily and effectively even as a developer.





New graphics controls

With Microsoft Access 2019, you will benefit from a new functionality, particularly within the graphics. You can choose from 11 new charts, line charts, column charts and bar charts. You can optimize the use of the stylus in all programs of the pack for Office 2019.

Other new features you’ll find in this latest version is the aesthetic concept “Modern Charts” that allows you to benefit from a more attractive aesthetics for all your graphics controls.





Simplified management


Microsoft Access 2019 allows you to take advantage of many different models. Even if you are a beginner with this 2019 office suite software, you will be able to easily understand and get started with it. In addition, to manage your projects you will find clear menus that will clearly facilitate your use.




System Requirements

Before you Buy Microsoft Access 2019 license key, your PC must satisfy the following requirements

  • Processor : 1.6 Ghz, 2-core processor
  • Operating System : Windows 10 for PC.
  • RAM: 4 GB (64bit), 2 GB (32bit) RAM
  • Hard disk drive : 4 GB available disk space
  • Resolution : 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Graphics : Graphics hardware acceleration requires a DirectX 10 graphics card.

Download link and installation instructions :

Don’t have Microsoft Acess installed yet ? please go to this post to get the different download links according to your version of Windows (32/64 bits)

How to download Microsoft Access free


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