Visual Studio 2022 (2pc)

Visual Studio 2022 (2pc)

Visual Studio 2022 (2pc)


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Are you searching for more powerful coding software? With Visual Studio Pro 2022, you can design the future.

Visual Studio 2022 (2pc)

Visual Studio 2022 is one of Microsoft’s professional development tools and services for independent developers and small teams.

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Visual Studio Pro 2022: Obtaining the Most Out of Your IDE

Microsoft keeps you up to date by allowing you to develop cross-platform mobile and desktop apps with.NET MAUI, create responsive web user interfaces in C# with Blazor, and debug and test.NET and C++ applications in Linux environments. You can also use the reloading capabilities in.NET and C++ applications and modify running ASP.NET pages in the web designer view. With AI, you can innovate in code completion and communicate in real time through collaborative coding sessions. Clone repositories, explore work items, and queue specific lines for commits, and setup Azure-deployable CI/CD workflows automatically. Visual Studio 2022 Pro allows you to create any sort of application, cooperate with Agile project planning tools, graphs, and more, and much more.

Making it more effective

Making it more effective

Working on larger projects and more complex tasks is easier with the first IDE. The information you interact with on a daily basis, such as inputting code and switching branches, feels more fluid and responsive. As well as blunders in memory. With Visual Studio Pro 2022, Microsoft has made it possible for you to work on projects of any size and complexity. You may also code using a new Razor editor that can remodel files, and Microsoft also allows you to analyze issues with asynchronous operations visualizations and automatic parsers.





Offering software

Providing software

CodeLens, for instance, keeps you focused on your work by displaying code references, changes made to your code, who last edited a method, and if tests are passing, all straight from where you are in the code.

Additional characteristics

Visual Studio Pro 2022 comes with Azure DevOps, a collection of services for swiftly planning, creating, and deploying applications in any cloud or on-premises environment. Agile planning tools, a continuous integration and delivery platform, source code control management, and an artifact repository are among the features available. You gain access to leading Microsoft development software, collaboration tools, training, professional support, and more as a result of your code knowledge.




Additional characteristics


Productive – scale to work on projects of any size and complexity with a 64-bit IDE. Code with a new Razor editor that can refactor across files. Diagnose issues with visualizations for async operations and automatic analyzers.

Modern – develop cross-platform mobile and desktop apps with .NET MAUI. Build responsive Web UIs in C# with Blazor. Build, debug, and test .NET and C++ apps in Linux environments. Use hot reload capabilities across .NET and C++ apps. Edit running ASP.NET pages in the web designer view.

Innovative – AI-powered code completions. Work together in real-time with shared coding sessions. Clone repos, navigate work items, and stage individual lines for commits. Automatically set up CI/CD workflows that can deploy to Azure.


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